The Haunted House of Small Hell Liberals

It’s a conservative’s nightmare! This Haunted House features all the monsters Fox News’s been warning us about! Jason and Mindy are going to scare themselves silly…

  • Writer

    Maddy Butler

  • Director

    Maddy Butler

  • Producer

    Maddy Butler, Emily Hawe and Julien Chichignoud

  • Cinematographer

    Nicolas Nalbandian

  • First AC

    Chris Moore

  • Starring

    Mitchell Why, Maddy Butler, Sally Williams, Kyan Woodpower, Katherine Hynes, John Gomez Goodway, Nicholas Richard, Laura Nicholson, Mia Uren and Rob Johnson

  • Production Designer

    Emily Hawe and Marianne Sardelic

  • Sound Recordist

    Robert Scott

  • Post Production

    Julien Chichignoud

  • Make Up

    Mia Uren and Emilie Sim