On a hot balmy evening in a lip cosmetics factory in 1887, P.F.B. Whistle decided enough was enough. Life was too short. He took his ample pay packet and delivered an entertaining resignation speech to a crowd of highly amused executives. As he walked out to the tune of their cheers, it struck him that he was, whether intentionally or not, kind of funny.

He thought vaudeville might be an interesting comedic style to emulate but he wasn’t a very good speller, so he founded VODville. He set up weekly shows that started in his backyard and stayed there. After two score and eight years he came to the realisation that he actually wasn’t that funny after all.

Fast forward to the early 21st century and a bunch of crazy kids (legally adults) want to start a sketch comedy channel. They like video on demand (V.O.D.) and towns, so they love the sound of ‘VODville’. When they find out the name has already been copyrighted by a certain Mr Whistle, they arrange to pay him in monopoly money for the use of the name. Whistle’s local corner store accepts play tender, so it all works out for the best.